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Hive Alert

Temporary Tattoos by POKéINK

Tattoo Canvas Size

2 x 2 inches

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Kit includes
  • One Primer Wipe
  • One Temporary Tattoos Sticker by POKéINK
Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns


To maintain your POKéINK Temporary Tattoo looking its best, follow these care tips:

Keep your skin hydrated and healthy by moisturizing daily. This helps preserve the freshness of your POKéINK Temporary Tattoo. Wait at least 8 hours after applying your tattoo before moisturizing.

To prolong the life of your POKéINK Temporary Tattoo, steer clear of exfoliating products or activities that can speed up skin shedding. Since the ink rests in the top layer of your skin, gentle care helps maintain your tattoo’s longevity. While showering, be mindful not to scrub the tattoo area. When drying off, pat your tattoo dry instead of rubbing it.

On the first night, wear loose, long-sleeved clothing to prevent the tattoo from transferring to other body parts. Avoid waking up surprised with an unfinished tattoo in unexpected places—like on your face!

Taking these simple steps ensures your POKéINK Temporary Tattoo stays vibrant and lasts as long as you want it to!

Fade & Color: What to Expect

While POKéINK is designed to complement all skin tones, the color of your tattoo may vary due to its interaction with your unique skin chemistry. This creates a spectrum from vibrant blues and greens to deep blue-blacks, ensuring your tattoo's hue is truly one-of-a-kind!

POKéINK naturally fades over time as your skin regenerates. Factors influencing longevity include:

Daily Activity:
Minimize exposure to excessive heat, water, or friction from exfoliation.

Areas prone to washing or increased friction, like hands or wrists, may experience faster fading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash off temporary tattoos🧼?

 Yes. You can wash off our POKéINK temporary tattoos, but it will take sometime in the proper way. You can follow our suggestions in blog to learn how to remove POKéINK temporary tattoos.

Do temporary tattoos use a needle💉?

 No. The use of temporary tattoos is very smooth and easy. There is no need of needle, just stick on your skins and peel it.

Do temporary tattoos come off in the shower🛀?

No. POKéINK temporary tattoos are waterproof, you can‘t get them off just by taking a shower. However, if you want to remove your temporary tattoo sooner, you can check it here.

How long does temporary tattoo last⌚️?

POKéINK Temporary Tattoos can normally last 1-2 weeks. Time really depends on the different body parts.

I have more questions, do you have FAQs page to look out?

Please check out thislinkhere to learn more about our FAQs.